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Our Reference Checks & Similar Services

Bayou City Fingerprinting, is pleased to provide a variety of reference checks and similar services for businesses and individuals. Examples of these services include employment verification, education verification and personal reference checks.

Here’s some information about each of these services and why Bayou City Fingerprinting is your best choice to provide them to you.


Types of Verification and Reference Checks Offered:

Employment Verification

Employment history checks are a common part of the background checking process. There are some jobs that require a certain amount of experience in the field for hiring, especially when there are very technical or skilled aspects to the job in question. Without employment verification processes, a candidate could easily make up their qualifications based on prior work experience they did not actually have.

Employment verification checks ensure employers have all of the necessary information to work with when making their hiring decisions. This is important, considering that a 2012 SHRM study showed that approximately 53 percent of applicants occasionally falsify employment information on resumes and job applications.

Education Verification

For employers, verifying a job applicant’s education history is an important aspect of making sure the applicant is exactly who they’re representing themselves as. This is especially important for some fields that require an especially high level of education or training, such as in the medical field and other types of sciences.

Education verification checks confirm an applicant received a degree, certificate or diploma from an educational institution. This way, you don’t have to simply take it on faith that you are hiring people who are actually qualified for their jobs.

Personal Reference Checks

Checking an applicant’s education background is helpful for employers, but it is also a good idea to go beyond what’s written in a resume to get further insight into the character and capabilities of the applicant.

Most job applications require applicants to provide several personal references. These references tend to be colleagues, coworkers and mentors. Personal reference check services involve contacting those people to get a more in-depth sense of the applicant’s capabilities for the position and to learn more about their work history. These checks typically have a standard set of questions, but customers are also capable of developing their own questions they wish to be asked.

Why Bayou City Fingerprinting Is Ideal for These Services

At Bayou City, we partner with businesses and organizations of all types to perform DOT and Non-DOT drug screening both as a Pre-Employment check and as routine, ongoing checks for employers who care about making sure their employees are staying safe and sober for their work.

We pride ourselves on being excellent partners with all of our clients. While we are a locally based business, we still offer the same quality and breadth of testing that many of the familiar national services do, but we are capable of providing it with a greater level of care and personal attentiveness.

To learn more about our DOT and Non-DOT drug screening services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we most commonly receive regarding our sex offender checks:

Sex offenders who are still on probation or parole or are actively in treatment may be required to inform their employers or potential employers as a condition of those programs. However, offenders who are not under any form of supervision or enlisted in any program are not legally required at all to inform their employer that they are listed on the sex offender registry, and there really isn’t much benefit to them in doing so anyway.

This is why it’s important for employers to be proactive in ordering these sex offender registry checks themselves if they wish to get this information before making hiring decisions. If they’re on the registry, it will be relatively easy to find them. But if you don’t check, don’t expect them to tell you during the application process.

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