Receive Thorough Insight into Federal Record Searches

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Receive Thorough Insight into Federal Record Searches

Many of our clients at Bayou City Fingerprinting are interested in working with us to get thorough information about county and parish-level criminal and civil cases, but we are also capable of providing this assistance with federal records searches as well, delivering the same level of insight to help you in your law enforcement or employment activities.

Here’s some information about federal criminal and civil records searches, how they differ from more localized searches and how Bayou City Fingerprinting helps clients get the best results in their searches.

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How Do Federal Records Searches Differ From Searches on the County/Parish Level?

Federal searches involve searches of criminal and civil cases in federal jurisdictions. This is not the same thing as an FBI or Department of Justice search—it’s simply a check for a history of cases in which federal courts had jurisdiction.

County/parish searches, meanwhile, show all criminal and civil cases being handled at the county level. This accounts for most cases, but some cases that are particularly egregious or simply fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government will be seen in federal court.

Why You Should Trust Bayou City Fingerprinting With Your Federal Records Searches

While Bayou City Fingerprinting may not be the nationally known name of some other background check firms, the quality of work we provide matches and exceeds just about anything else you’ll find on the market. A big reason for this is that we have a team of dedicated researchers who comb through all data returned to us from these searches to give you the most accurate and relevant information possible to assist you in your processes. Rather than getting a huge data dump, you get a set of information that is of much greater use to you, that has been verified and inspected by our teams.

Furthermore, we provide these services at affordable prices, and as a smaller company are capable of providing a much more personalized level of customer service.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few examples of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about federal criminal records searches and civil judgment records.

A federal criminal background check will reveal case information from federal district courts (94 total) regarding any type of criminal case heard in federal court. Common examples of these types of cases include white collar crimes, fraud, embezzlement, kidnapping, firearms offenses, robbery and many more. These types of background checks are ideal for companies or government agencies hiring employees that will have access to secure information, including executives, financial and banking staff and CPAs. It’s also useful for law enforcement officials trying to piece together a criminal background of a suspect, or gather suspect lists.

A federal civil case involves a legal dispute between two parties in the federal court system. Federal courses are much more serious in nature than the kinds of civil cases you’d tend to find on the county level.

As with a local criminal search, investigators search for dispositions or the most recent entries in the case files. Dispositions indicate the case was closed, and will include information such as judgment amounts and who was awarded the judgment. Last entries indicate the case is either still pending in the court system or was settled out of court.

Federal civil cases tend to involve issues related to civil rights violations, interstate commerce, matters involving the federal government or cases involving major financial institutions.

Federal criminal searches involve the use of the government’s PACER criminal record system, which covers the 94 federal jurisdictions. These crimes include crimes across state lines, crimes committed on federal land, crimes against federal employees and other categories that put criminal activity into federal jurisdiction. This is also not the same thing as a national criminal database search.

Federal offenses are nay types of crimes that violate federal law. They often involve criminal activities that are national by nature, such as counterfeiting, gun law violations, financial fraud, corporate crimes, wire fraud, computer hacking and healthcare fraud. You typically won’t find these crimes in local or state records, because the federal court has jurisdiction over them.

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