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How to Choose Your Texas Notary Public

What is a Texas Notary?

A notary is a third party that is authorized to perform acts in legal affairs with their primary role usually being to witness signatures on legal documents. Another name for a public official that notarizes legal documents is a notary public. Many people think that all notary publics provide the same level of service. However, choosing the right notary public can make all the difference in your experience.  

Bayou City Operations offers Notary services for the Texas Area both in our office in addition to mobile appointments.  

Why Do I Need A Texas Notary

Typically, documents are notarized to prevent fraud. The notary public is responsible to ensure the people who are signing the document have provided a proper form of identification. Once everyone identification is verified, the notary public proceeds to officiate the signing and make sure all documents have been signed correctly and appropriately. The notary public is also required to make sure the signers are entering the agreement both knowingly and willingly.  

The following requirements are needed for a document to be notarized:  

  1. Text committing the signers to the agreement being made 
  2. Original signature of the signer (Not a photocopy)  
  3. Notarial “certificate” located either on the document itself or as an attachment to the document 
texas notary

How to Choose a Texas Notary

Choosing the right Texas Notary for your needs can come down to a variety of factors, with the most important usually being the location of the notary. Most parties choose the notary that the closest and most convenient to them. However, another option is the mobile notary service provided by Bayou City Operations, where we are able to come to your specified location.  

The next factor in choosing a Texas Notary is their level qualification. It is important to ensure they are following all local and federal rules. It is important to make sure your chosen notary is knowledgeable pertaining to the document you are having notarized.  

The price of the service may also be a deciding factor in who you choose to select as your Texas Notary. Many notaries charge fees based on their levels of qualification and if they are a member of an established association.   

Lastly, make sure your chosen notary is reliable. Can you reach them on the phone if need be? Many experienced notaries are aware of the importance of being able to be reached by their clients.  If you are having trouble contacting your Texas Notary, you may want to look for a more responsive notary public.  

texas notary

Mobile Texas Notary Services

Are you unable to visit the office of a local Texas notary public? Bayou City Operations offers Mobile Notary Services for your convenience. When you book a mobile appointment, mobile representative for Bayou City Operations will come to your location to perform Notary Services with the same level of professionalism and quality you would expect from visiting our office.   

To book a mobile notary appointment, contact us or book an appointment online.  

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