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Analyze Hundreds of Millions of Criminal Records

Law enforcement officials, medical professionals and employers of all types can benefit greatly from the information gained from nationwide criminal alias searches. This type of search analyzes hundreds of millions of criminal records across thousands of jurisdictions to source all known aliases and address histories from a Social Security Number (SSN).

Some circumstances in which you may benefit from using this service include:

  • Checking to see if a person has any other known aliases for law enforcement purposes that could help in solving crimes and charging suspects.
  • Attempting to verify if a Social Security Number is actually valid.

  • Ensuring the accuracy/truthfulness of information submitted in a job application or W-4.

How Does the Alias Search Work?

Here are some of the steps you can expect to occur in a nationwide criminal alias search:

  • We can determine the state and approximate date on which a SSN was issued using a full name and SSN provided.
  • The SSN gets put through an index that produces alerts if the number belonged to a deceased person, which can help to identify potential identity fraud.
  • Based on the provided SSN, investigators can then run a check on name and address history to obtain lists of aliases, as well as any existing maiden names.

  • If the provided information matches the source information, the search is concluded. However, if additional information or aliases appear, then further steps and searches will be recommended.


Why Work With Bayou City Fingerprinting,

At Bayou City Fingerprinting, we pride ourselves on providing the smoothest possible client experience for all criminal searches. We offer fast results and affordable prices, and have people on staff to look through the results of your search so you only get information that is accurate and relevant to your needs.

We’ve got decades of experience in working with clients across Texas. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we commonly receive about our nationwide criminal alias searches:

It’s not uncommon for people with a criminal background to attempt to conceal their identity to avoid unwanted attention from law enforcement, or to avoid peopled digging into their past. It will be harder for them to not only avoid detection, but also gain employment, loans or credit if they’re using a name that has warrants attached, or a long criminal background.

Criminal history is generally stored using name and date of birth, so without performing an alias search it can be surprisingly easy for people to conceal their background. They may simply choose to start going by a nickname or a previous last name, or they might use a different alias entirely. Uncovering a different name could reveal an entire criminal background you would not have discovered otherwise. In some cases, it can be almost as though you’re discovering a completely new person. This new information can be useful for criminal investigations or hiring decisions.
A criminal alias search uses SSNs to link past aliases that might not have previously been linked together in other circumstances. While additional names popping up is not necessarily an automatic indicator that the person who is being investigated has a criminal background, it can at least be a hint that investigators should look into that person’s background a bit more closely and see if there’s anything there worth noting.

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