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Gun Shop Fingerprinting & ATF Enrollments

Bayou City Fingerprinting NFA Fingerprinting

Bayou City Fingerprinting offers NFA card fingerprint forms to be completed upon request. Our method uses an electronic fingerprint capture using our live scan device which we then use to print out on a blank NFA card. Your NFA fingerprint card submissions can be submitted with excellent approval ratings using our electronic hard card printing method.

Ways We Handle NFA Fingerprinting

Ink And Roll

Ink Fingerprinting is the traditional way of taking fingerprints on fingerprint cards using the "ink and roll" method.

Electronic NFA Capture

 Our software allows us to digitally capture your fingerprints and print them out on an NFA card. You can bring in your own card or use one of our cards. This can be used as a no mess solution that also meets the requirements of an ink card

NFA Card Submission

NFA fingerprint cards are requested to be used for gun shops and ATF purposes. Our office handles any and all NFA fingerprinting needs.

Reasons For NFA Fingerprinting

Firearms Purchases

 Many gun shops and firearms sellers are now required to capture fingerprints prior to a sale.

Silencer Purchase

When applying to purchase a silencer for a firearm it may be necessary to be fingerprinted.

The Appointment Process

NOTE: If you need a fingerprinting appointment for the state of Texas, please visit an Identogo location by clicking here

Choose Your Service

Make sure to choose the service you need after picking the required date and time

Choose A Date and Time

Use our calendar to pick a date and time that works for you.

Visit The Office

Come in for your appointment and get fingerprinted by a Bayou City Fingerprinting technician

Need To Get Fingerprinted?

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How many sets of fingerprint cards come with your appointment?

Our service includes up to 2 fingerprint cards in our price. You will receive 2 full sets of fingerprints. 

Can I be fingerprinted on my own cards or do we have to use your company cards?

Yes, you can bring in your own cards for our technicians to roll fingerprints on. We also keep FBI FD-258 cards in stock at all times. This card is the U.S. standard and is accepted by most agencies.

Can you provide live scan fingerprinting for the California DOJ?

Yes and No. We can capture your fingerprints via live scan and print out hard cards. Unfortunately, the state of California doesn’t allow live scan electronic submission outside of the state. You will have to follow California’s out-of-state guidelines for mailing in your fingerprint cards. 

Do you accept walk-ins?

We accept walk-in appointments at any of our locations.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept credit, debit, cash, and online payment for most of our appointments.


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